3 ways to get verify your website with different Antivirus.

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Nowadays all antivirus software has its own internet safety extension and safe search engine. These extensions and search engine shows rating and safety whenever customer search on the browser. If your website is untested then it looks suspicious to the user. Here I will show you how to get approved your website on some of the major antivirus software. These are as follows:

Norton Safe Web

Norton is the best way to test and verify your website and Norton has a browser extension and search engine. So many websites are untested.

norton safe web extension
norton safe web extension
Norton Safe Web
Norton Safe Web Search

Go to https://safeweb.norton.com/ and search your website.

3 ways to get verify your website with different Antivirus. 1
Norton Safe Web Result

It shows either UNTESTED or OK. If its show UNTESTED.

Click on Submit Dispute and put website information like Email Information and Correct Category.

TrendMicro Site Safety

Trendmicro website check
TrendMicro Web Safety Check

Go to https://global.sitesafety.trendmicro.com/ and search your website.

TrendMicro website result
TrendMicro website result

It shows UNTESTED.

Click on Reclassify Request.

On the next page, you will rate your website and define content category. Next you introduce yourself as website owner, describe your website and please mention your official website E-Mail Address.

It will take up to 48 hours to review and correctly categories.

Reclassify Request Result
Reclassify Request Result

This is how it looks like after reviewed by TrendMicro Team

McAfee Secure Search

mcafee website category
McAfee website category

Install McAfee WebAdvisor onto your browser and set default Search Engine.

Search your Website .

McAfee WebAdvisor will automatic categories your website as SAFE or CAUTION or RISK

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